Covid-19 Policy

PB Running Club Covid-19 Policy

It is all club members responsibility to strictly adhere to our Covid Policy at all times, our
Covid Policy falls in line with current government and EA guidelines, these may change as
the county’s infection rate does. It is our responsibility to ensure all members are safe and
also feel safe whilst attending club nights and club events. If you are feeling unwell,
exhibiting any Coronavirus symptoms, self-isolating, or have been in the company of anyone
who you know to be infected, then you should NOT attend any club night or club event, or
represent the club in any race or event. Social distancing under the current government
guidelines must be adhered to prior to, during and after each session and any congregating
before, during or after the session is to be avoided.

  1. Track and Trace – If you are planning to attend a club night please ensure that we
    have your contact details beforehand. Please ensure that the membership secretary
    has your most up to date details. If you bring any visitors please contact the Covid
    Coordinator beforehand to give them full contact details of your visitor. This is
    essential, especially for any beginners groups. You will be contacted in the event of
    an attendee reporting contracting Coronavirus and advised you need to self isolate
    in accordance with current guidelines.

  2. Club nights and club events – Please don’t turn up too early to any club night or
    event, once split into approved groups please stay in those groups and unfortunately
    we need to ask you to not to congregate before or after running or at any event.
    This is for everyone’s safety and this will be addressed if necessary, by the Covid

  3. Club Representation – Please when representing the club at a club night or event or
    when wearing club kit please strictly adhere to all rules (this includes for example
    going to the supermarket after a club night). If you are wearing kit you are
    representing the club and any breaking of rules or guidelines if witnessed can go viral
    very quickly and will badly represent the club.

  4. Social Media – If uploading any photos onto Facebook or any other social media
    platform please ensure that you are following all current government guidelines, this
    falls in line with club representation, you may know you are not standing too close to
    someone in a picture or you were in a small group, but a picture can be viewed
    differently to someone who wasn’t present. Public perception can be very damaging
    if misinterpreted.

  5. Masks and hand sanitiser – We ask every member to bring a mask with them, this
    can be in the form of a buff worn around the wrist or a mask in your pocket. This is
    for health and safety reasons in case you are injured or ill or someone you are with
    becomes injured or ill. If you do not turn up with one you will not be able to run. We
    do not require you to run with a mask on however. Please feel free to bring hand
    sanitiser also if you are worried about opening gates or touching items whilst
    attending a club night or event.

Author: Michelle Kitney-Baker
Covid Co-ordinator
23 rd March 2021

Please note the following disclaimer:
Please note that the subject matter covered in this guidance is in no way exhaustive and the material does not stand on its
own nor is intended to be relied upon as a substitute for obtaining specific legal advice. Individual circumstances will differ
and government guidelines will change depending on infection rates. The information contained in this guidance is given in
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