Your Questions, Answered

I would love to join you for a session but I am afraid that I will be to slow and hold everyone up. Would this be a problem?

No this is never a problem when you run with us. We have different ability groups that cater for every members needs. For each group we normally have two leaders, one at the front and one keeping an eye on everyone at the back. We also operate a loop back policy with all our members making sure the faster ones loop back periodically to keep the groups together. So don’t worry, you will never hold anyone up and you would never be left behind.

What days do you train and where are you based?

We meet every Wednesday at par running track carpark at 6.30pm and alternate weeks with of out and back runs and structured training. We have a very popular Run/Walk group that meets on a Monday night at the same place and same time. Once a month we hold a fully coached track session for a small charge to cover the track hire. Check our Facebook page or keep checking back here for dates and times. Our members also set up their own social runs and often post details to the Facebook group.

I love running with my dog, Could I bring them along with me?

As much as we love our 4 legged friends we kindly ask that on training nights that you don’t bring them a long. The reason why we say this is purely for safety to other members and also your dog. We can run on road and narrow paths, this could lead to trip hazards for everyone and a real danger of traffic for your dog. As you have seen that we do have a cani-X group that trains on a social run night. These are held off road with plenty of room for them to have a safe, great time and you are more than welcome to bring them along and let them join in with us. We all have dogs so there is a fair few dogs for yours to play with and get to know each other.

What would happen if I feel ill on a run?

Firstly if this your first time running, we strongly recommend that you get checked over by a doctor to make sure you will have no problems with this form of exercise. When you first come along to a session with your track and trace info and emergency contact, you will also be asked for any medical issues, medicine or inhalers etc. This will help our first aiders if you need them We have fully qualified sports and emergency first aiders that carry first aid kits and a mobile phone. We use What Three Words to help emergency services locate us if they ever need to in an emergency. Fingers crossed we will never have to use them!

Do you have any child sessions?

No sorry. As an affiliated club you have to be over 18 to join. They are more than welcome at our social runs but must stay with you as they are your responsibility, even though we all look out for each other when we are out. You will see little ones wearing club kit at park runs. These can all be purchased from the club and makes them feel like they are included in the club.

Why do I see PB running club run in so many different coloured tops?

Good question! Our official club kit colour is blue with the white logo. We wear this for any EA affiliated race as per the rules. Our multi coloured kit you refer to is our training tops and for none EA races. These tops have been specially designed with safety in mind. All logos are reflective to help be seen when running in low light and poor weather conditions, helping to keep our runners safe and hopefully adding a bit of colour to the world!

I like to run with music, would this be allowed?

We strongly advise not to run with head phones at a training session. You will need to hear instructions and traffic warnings given by our coach and run leaders. Its also nice to have a good chat and put the worlds to rights with other members on our out and back runs. On a social night feel free to run with what ever you like, this again like all social nights is your own responsibility.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you wear comfortable running clothing. A good pair of trainers are a must to help prevent any injuries that you might pick up along the way from poor fitting trainers. Dress to the weather conditions but be prepared to loose a layer or add a couple as we know how the weather conditions change so fast in Cornwall. Flip Flops and walking boots are not recommend for obvious reasons and you will not be allowed to join the session for health and safety reasons. Just be sensible in what you choose to wear.